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First day

The first day of hell. It was the first day of school, and it being my last year brings much excitment and anxiety. My day started off with a visit to the dentist, not the greatest way to start the day, but after seeing my boyfriend and shopping for school supplies I could smile again (even though this would be hard without visiting the dentist, guess it’s a vicious circel). I chose the perfect moment to go home, cause it started to rain the moment I got on my bike. A couple hours later, it was time to see the horror house aka High School. I was happy to see my friends again after 6 weeks, and I have to admit I’m ready for this schoolyear to start since I’m planning to kick it’s ass! The evening was spent by hanging out with my boyfriend, we’ll probably see a movie or watch The Walking Dead.

I went on a holiday, you can probably tell that by my tan, I’ll schare some pictures later!

This was a easy outfit to put together but it still looks stylish.


 foto 3foto 4foto 1foto 5foto(1)foto(2)foto 2Wearing: Jeans- Zara/ Shoes-Massimo Duti/ Sweater- Zara/ Jewelry- Mommy’s closet/ Scarf- Zara


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