Challenge 101

As I said in my previous blogspot I’m very into clean eating, I’ve been doing this for quit a while, but I keep falling back to bad habbits for various reasons, for example my birthday and the whole week before and after it. Since I absolutly love challenging myself and crossing things of my list, I thought of a new challenge. This challenge will eventually help me in my process of clean eating. (I’ll talk about why I prefer to eat totally clean in another post). My challenge consist of not eating any chocolate or any kind of sweets for the next 21 days.

Why 21 days? You’ve probably already heard about this, but psychologists say that doing or not doing something for at least 21 days is what you need to change a habbit.

Why chocolate, the greastest thing in the world? Because I love it way too much. I won’t say I’m addicted, not at al, but if I’ll have 1, I’ll eventually have 10. As you can see this can be a tiny problem, so to solve this problem I have to do this challenge!

I’ll be starting tomorrow, cause I already failed today, haha! To put it in writing:

I won’t eat any sweets for the next 21 days starting the 16th of September. On the 7th of Octobre I can enjoy a little piece of heaven again!

I’m incredibly curious in what this will result in! It’ll be great for you to join me! Lets get rid of our sugar addiction together!



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