Obsession: I

You might already know it, but I still thought that it was worth the mention. I’m in total awe of the YouTube channel of Vogue! The creative minds over there are geniuses. Every video is edited and thought of untill perfection. I’m simply amazed by the creative and innovative video’s they put out there.

The subjects of the video’s differ from vlogs with Karlie Kloss, tutorials with Lupita Nyong’o, interviews with Anna Wintour to behind the scenes!  My absolute favorite? The 73 question! They’re so fresh, light and fun! They do them with some actresses and it’s a new fun way to get to know them!

I’ll only recommend you start watching these videos when you have the time, don’t expect doing anything productive after discovering this channel!


– Anna



Talking about investments: the jacket that I wear pretty much everyday has been on my side for 4 years already, since it is not real leather I am pretty amazed on how long it survived. But I have to say, it’s time to let go and buy a new leather jacket. I see a leather jacket as an investment and  I found the perfect one. It’s from the brand Goosecraft, that collaborated with Anna Nooshin from

It’s simply perfect. I love the lam collar, that you can take off anytime you want.

Price: € 289.95

Love, Anna.