You’re probably lying in your bed, and that is why I serve some very interesting articles, interviews, websites you can read and scroll through while being well-deserved lazy!

1. CLICK / An very interesting article with Thomas Maier (Bottega Veneta) about the future of fashion.

2. CLICK / The collaboration of DKNY with Cara Delevigne. Something you definitetly want to check out!

3. CLICK/ An old interesting interview with Winona Ryder.

4. CLICK/ Something that made a lot of controversie, the most influential teens.

5. A video that is about a subject that I’m very interested in by the lovely Annie Jaffrey.
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Movie Tip/ 500 days of summer

I’m going to introduce many new subjects/categories on my blog, and this is the first one!

Friday night is known as movie night, and because of this I will list all of my favorite movies (everyone needs to see)!

To start with 500 days of summer. It’s a movie that is incredibly cute and funny but also very sad. The main characters in this movie are Summer (Zoeey Deschanel) and Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). And it’s about their relationship (friends and lovers).

The writing is very clever and the actors are doing an amazing job! It’s a must watch that you can see with your bofriend/friend/family!



‘But what if I fail?’
You will.
The answer to the what if question is, you will.
A better question might be,
‘after I fail, what then?’
Well, if you’ve chosen well, after
you fail you will be one step closer
to succeeding, you will be wiser
and stronger and you almost
certainly will be more respected
by all of those that are afraid
to try.
– Seth Godin


Quote I

Jeff Jarvis: “If you can’t imagine anyone linking to your coverage -if you can’t imagine anyone saying “this was new,” “this is good,” “this was valuable,””go there for more,””I didn’t know this,”or “you should know this”- then chances are, it’s not worth saying and in the link economy it won’t get audience, and so it’s not worth making.”