FOOD/ My breakfast

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I totally agree. I know that if I start my day wrong my whole day, food wise, only gets worse. Therefore I start my day the best that I can and that is with the most healthy and fast breakfast that I can make within 10 minutes.

My go to breakfast every morning is oatmeal! I buy my oatmeal from a organic shop, and I make sure that they are whole oats instead of broken oats or powder. I cook them with almond milk, which I love because it gives it a bit more flavour than water and I try to not use any animal based products (also because regular cow milk makes me sick). If you buy almond milk, try to buy the one with the least ingredients (or make your own!). Many almond milks have sh*t loads of sugar in it, which you absolutly don’t want!

To make this a little bit tastier I put in a lot of super foods like chia seeds, hemp seeds, goij berries and inca berries. I also put a lot of cinnamon in my oatmeal, cinnamon has zero calories!

To make it even better I always make sure to add a fruit into my breakfast. For example, I smash a banana in there to make it sweeter (make sure your banana is spotty) or I cut another fruit that I have on hand, it doesn’t really matter! And with this all I drink a huge mug of grean tea.

This is an amazing way to start the day! It keeps you full until lunch and it’s all natural!

Love, Anna


FOOD/ Italian Quinoa

HERE, my first recipe for HUNTERSANDKO. I’ll be making a bigger post on my thougths on eating and food in general, and I’ll explain everything on there but for now this recipe.

I love EASY & FAST recipes like this, it was so easy to make and it only took approximatly 20 minutes  to make this and it’s 100% healthy and clean!


– Quinoa

– Zucchini

– Basil

– Garlic

– Cherry tomatoes

– Lemon (juice)

– Olive oil/salt/pepper

1. Wash the quinoa and start cooking it (for how-to cook quinoa look at the packaging).

2. Cut the zucchini in thin slices, and start cooking them in olive oil. Start cutting the rest of te ingredients.

3. Put the garlic in the pan with the zucchini when it’s almost done. This way, the garlic flavour can spread but it won’t get mooshi.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

4.  The quinoa should be done by now. Put the quinoa in a bowl with the basil and cherry tomatoes.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

5. This is an additional option, it’s just my personal preference. I take the zucchini out and put it in a plate with a few paper towels, so the remaining oil can be observed by the paper.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

6. Put it all in a bowl, and squeeze some lemon juice on top and you’re DONE!

It’s so easy but soooo incredibly YUMMY!

What do you think of these kind of recipes on my blog? Do you like or is there no need for it?

Love, Anna.



I think investing in certain products is very important, especially if you’re a women. There are a vew products that are necessary to have it the best quality there is. I’m talking about big investments that you’lll enjoy for the rest of your life.

I used to always be the type who thought quantity over quality, just because it’s easier and you don’t have to wait to save up. But I’ve realised that it’s better to save up a couple of monts for something you’ll use the rest of your life and actually have great results. Obviously this is very personal, since everyone’s priorities are different.

Here is my wish list:

– CHI straightener (just ordered it actually!)

– Zoeva Brushset (will be ordering soon!)

– An amazing photo camera.

– A MacBook Pro.

– Clearasonic (read so many great reviews)

I’ll be saving up a lot as you can see, haha!

What is on your wishlist?

– Anna


White Trash

The 17th of September was a gorgeous day here in Holland, we’re having incredible weather, something we are not used to! On days like this I love to wear some type of layering, so I could take of my blazer whenever I pleased. The thing that I love about this blazer is that it looks expensive, but it costed me onyl 20 euros, for a blazer thats very affordable. My pants were too big for me, but my mom could saw them back to my size with her magical little hands, I’m so luckey to have a mom who is so incredible with a sewingmachine!

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Challenge 101

As I said in my previous blogspot I’m very into clean eating, I’ve been doing this for quit a while, but I keep falling back to bad habbits for various reasons, for example my birthday and the whole week before and after it. Since I absolutly love challenging myself and crossing things of my list, I thought of a new challenge. This challenge will eventually help me in my process of clean eating. (I’ll talk about why I prefer to eat totally clean in another post). My challenge consist of not eating any chocolate or any kind of sweets for the next 21 days.

Why 21 days? You’ve probably already heard about this, but psychologists say that doing or not doing something for at least 21 days is what you need to change a habbit.

Why chocolate, the greastest thing in the world? Because I love it way too much. I won’t say I’m addicted, not at al, but if I’ll have 1, I’ll eventually have 10. As you can see this can be a tiny problem, so to solve this problem I have to do this challenge!

I’ll be starting tomorrow, cause I already failed today, haha! To put it in writing:

I won’t eat any sweets for the next 21 days starting the 16th of September. On the 7th of Octobre I can enjoy a little piece of heaven again!

I’m incredibly curious in what this will result in! It’ll be great for you to join me! Lets get rid of our sugar addiction together!